Horoscope and Divisional Charts

What is a Horoscope?

Horoscope is like a blueprint of planetary positions at the time of an individual’s birth. This is also described as a map of an individual’s destiny. 


To create an accurate horoscope, one should know the exact time of birth, date of birth and place of birth.


Horoscope has twelve houses, each house has it’s own significance and represents one zodiac sign.

Planets: In total there are 9 planets – Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn,Sun,Moon and 2 shadow plants (Rahu & Ketu).

Dasha: This is checked for an individual to understand and predict future. Basis Moon degree and nakshatra at the time of birth, Dasha is calculated. There are five different type of Dashas: Maha Dasha, Antar dasha, Pratyantar dasha, Sookshama dasha and Prana dasha.

Divisional Charts

Basic Chart/Lagna Chart – D1 Birth chart of an individual
Hora – D2 Wealth and Prosperity
Dreshkon – D3 Brother and Sister (co-borns)
Chaturthamsha – D4 Fate, Destiny and Bhagya
Panchamsha – D5 Spiritual inclinations
Shashtamsha – D6 Health, Debts, Disputes
Saptamsha – D7 Children and grandchildren
Ashtamsha – D8 Life span, longevity
Navamsha – D9 Supplementary birth chart
Dashamsha – D10 Professional achievements, career, destiny, success
Ekadashamsha – D11 Financial stability
Dwadhashamsha – D12 Matters related to Parents
Shodashamsha – D16 Related to vehicles
Vimshamsha – D20 Worship, meditation, spiritual, religious
Chaturvimshamsha – D24 Education, learning and academic achievement
Saotvimshamsha – D27 Strength, stamina, weaknesses
Trimshamsha – D30 Miseries, happiness
Khavedamsha – D40 Auspicious and inauspicious effects
Akshvedamsha – D45  Auspicious and inauspicious effects 
Shashtiamsha – D60   Auspicious and inauspicious effects 

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